Providing Effective Pest Control Services in Fort Worth, Grand Prairie & Azle, TX

Providing Effective Pest Control Services in Fort Worth, Grand Prairie & Azle, TX

Mosquito Problem? We Have It Under Control!

Texans like their bar-b-cues. Maybe you have a nice home with a big back yard in Grand Prairie or Fort Worth, TX that's on the lake or with a pool. You'd like to enjoy it, but one problem keeps cropping up: mosquitoes. You have your friends over, but mosquito buzzing and biting is ruining everything. Fly swatters are great in the house, but often outside pest problems are too big for the regular homeowner.

DNA Pest and Lawn Care is here to take over the big jobs. Mosquito extermination requires some heavy duty repellents, and in the wrong hands these chemicals can be more harmful than the mosquitoes. We have the knowledge to get the job done with the safety of your family in mind.

Every mosquito problem is different. Our careful use of repellents, coupled with our studious technique and years of experience will allow us to craft a solution that is particular to your problem. First we determine the species of mosquitoes that are infesting your property - Grand Prairie & Forth Worth have many species that are specific to these areas. Then we determine the source of the problem, which is usually standing water, piles of soggy leaves or tall grasses. Even though we eliminate the larvae, mosquitoes can come in from elsewhere and "set up home," so you still need to kill the adult mosquitoes still alive.

Facts about Texas Mosquitoes

  1. Only the females drink blood! Male adult mosquitoes do not feed on blood, but females do in order to aid in egg production.
  2. Females live longer. Generally, male mosquitoes are smaller than females of the same species. They also tend to live shorter lives than the females.
  3. Mosquitoes carry a variety of diseases! Encephalitis, the Zika virus, West Nile Virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria are just a few of the diseases these pests can transfer between humans. 
  4. They breed in standing water. If there is an area on your property not draining correctly, you might want to consider fixing that ASAP. Standing water providces the optimal environment for mosquito reproduction. Nymphs are found in standing water areas such as water bowls for pets, potted plants, bird feeders, and stagnant ponds. 

Mosquito season begins as soon as the weather warms up. Protect your property today with DNA Pest and Lawn Care!

Are You Having an Event, Party, or Wedding - But You're Afraid It Will be Ruined by Mosquitoes?

We provide our services to homeowners, businesses, farm owners, or anyone in the Grand Prairie and Forth Worth, TX area who is sick of their outdoor pest problem. When you call one of our mosquito control specialists, they can further inform you on how to prevent future infestations.

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